About Me

I am Patricia Young, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and I specialize in working with the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).  Through my extensive work with HSPs, I’ve developed a model that is effective in helping HSPs embrace their strengths. I provide lots of specific tools for learning how to deal with the things we struggle with (overwhelm, over arousal, worry, comparison, not feeling good enough, perfectionism – just to name a few).

Many of the HSPs I work with are successful, but still struggle internally. I’ve got you covered! I also tend to work with many therapists who are also HSPs.

Once HSPs understand how they are wired, and what they need, they experience more ease and peace, and they can start to thrive.

With proper care and feeding, HSPs experience less overwhelm and less fatigue. It is a process, and it takes work, but we excel at working on ourselves.

HSPs have better outcomes in therapy than non-HSPs, because HSPs take things to heart and are committed to making changes.